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At eSleepCenter, our physicians provide professional telemedicine consultations. Whether you have sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome, excessive daytime sleepiness, or are simply having trouble sleeping at night, your care team will work with you to come up with a treatment plan that meets your needs and preferences.

Unsure what is wrong? We can help you find a diagnosis.

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Sound Sleep Starts With eSleepCenter

I have 20 years of experience as a Pulmonary/Critical Care and Sleep Medicine physician and have served in various healthcare systems and communities. With no help in sight, I have observed patients who had to wait months to access appointments to visit a sleep specialist. I founded eSleepCenter because telemedicine can bridge the access gap for patients with sleep apnea. So no one has to wait months to see a sleep specialist.

Dr. Srinivas Bhadriraju, MD, D’ABSM

CEO & Founder of eSleepCenter


Why Choose Us?

At eSleepCenter, we're not just about medical care; we're about giving you a unique experience. Our team is made up of caring experts who are dedicated to serving you at your schedule, not just ours. We genuinely believe that every person should receive this kind of special care, and we promise to make sure you get it.

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We Take Insurance

No insurance? No problem, we have a cash option.

Get effortless access to expert telemedicine consultations for sleep problems. With our cash payment option, you don't have to worry about insurance limitations or insurance paperwork to use our services. Your sleep health is our top priority at eSleepCenter, where you may receive caring treatment and practical solutions. Reach out to us right now for more information about our offerings and available payment methods.


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