Commercial Trucks transported 10.23 Billion Tonnes in 2020 (72.5% of total domestic tonnage) traveling 300.05 billion miles.

Trucking activity employed 7.85 Million people and 3.36 million drivers in 2020.



Undiagnosed and Untreated obstructive sleep apnea -(OSA) can have many adverse health consequences.

OSA can result in driver fatigue and drowsiness.

Drowsy driving is like Drunk driving and can cause fatal motor vehicle crashes

22 Million Americans have obstructive sleep apnea and many remain undiagnosed

up to 80% of Commercial Truck Drivers may have obstructive sleep apnea and many remain undiagnosed

50% or more FATAL motor vehicle crashes are caused by drowsy driving

Sleep Apnea can be treated


CPAP is one of the options to treat OSA

Other options

Non-CPAP treatment options can be discussed


We don't "sell" anything. We listen to you and recommend, so you can make an informed choice.



We can help

"Third next available" appointment recommended by IHI for specialty consultations is 2 days

At most clinics across the country, it is more like 2 months.

YOU can change that. 

Please call for a Tele Medicine consultation


Fellowship trained (12-month formal Sleep Medicine Fellowship) at a university, with expertise in clinical evaluation and interpretation of sleep data acquired through rigorous training and clinical experience. Doctors who will evaluate, educate, and more importantly listen and provide recommendations as your partner empowering YOU to make informed decisions about your own sleep health. 


Over 3200 clinical encounters for sleep problems across the spectrum ( Not just sleep apnea). Thousands of sleep study data -interpreted. We understand that sleep problems may not be isolated and can be impacted by health or ill health in other parts of the body as well as your environment. Please call for a holistic evaluation of your sleep concerns in the context of your overall health, occupation and environment


Evaluation via a live, secure, and HIPAA-compliant Video Telemedicine consultation-at a place of your choice. At your home or even when parked safely-in your truck

HOME SLEEP STUDY(HST) if indicated

A reliable home sleep study (HST) equipment with detailed instructions can be mailed to you  when indicated, followed by a report and recommendations 


You pay a one-time fee. (for consultation and unlimited follow-up visits in a 12-month period. )

If you need and we order CPAP therapy-you can have it billed through your insurance from a DME provider of YOUR choice. 

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