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Many people endure a night’s sleep only to wake up and not feel rested at all. While this can be a result of many different sleep conditions, one of the most common issues is sleep apnea. This is a condition in which individuals stop breathing throughout the night.

This can lead to serious repercussions, so if you struggle with sleep apnea or suspect that you do, you need to contact a sleep apnea specialist for a consultation and to help with your treatment plan. However, many people are not able to get off work to travel to a doctor’s office for an appointment. That’s why, at eSleepCenter, we offer online services.

If you need online sleep apnea doctor services, we can provide consultations and treatment plans for you. Read on to learn more about our online sleep apnea specialist services and how we can help you get the sleep you need to feel rested and refreshed the next morning. For more information, contact eSleepCenter by filling out our online contact form today.


Patients wait weeks and sometimes months to be able to see a doctor. All the healthcare delivery chain stakeholders agree that there is a need for change and that patients deserve better.

Telemedicine is a solution that doctors and healthcare systems are turning to, and patients also embrace it. Telemedicine as a healthcare delivery option has increased severalfold since the recent pandemic.

eSleepcenter is the Telesleep clinic division of  Mclemor Health and seeks to be part of the solution by providing  Tele Sleep Medicine consultations. Patients can avail of expert sleep medicine consultations from the comfort of their homes.


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